Lock Bumping

Lock Bumping – Is it all hype…Or a real security risk?

This new lock by-pass technique began to be written about on the Internet, video’s posted on U-Tube showed young children being quickly taught the technique, television news media began running reports on nightly news shows, newspapers published stories chronicling the history and showing the lock bumping technique in great detail. Very quickly web sites went online selling bump keys and instructions to anyone willing to pay for them.

Many of the stories about lock bumping have left out many of the true facts about the history, the technique, the availability of tools or how to make them, and how real the risk really is.

  • This technique has been familiar to the locksmith trade for close to 100 years, and possibly longer.
  • Very few locksmiths use this lock by-pass technique in their daily work, because the success rate is not nearly as high as many other techniques they use.
  • The key blank is really the most necessary tool needed, and that key blank must be able to fit the particular lock that is being by-passed. Once you have the key blank it needs to be modified, if you are not familiar with, and have access to locksmith tools and machines, this is not easily accomplished.
  • Bump keys can be purchased online, even on eBay, however you still have to learn and practice the technique.

How about the risk?

  • According to authorities the overwhelming percentage of home or small business break ins are done by small time thieves, usually drug users looking for enough money to get their next fix.
  • Thieves are typically wary of making excess noise and being visible when breaking in, using this by-pass technique can produce substantial noise and does require some light.
  • Most small time thieves are not going to put in the effort to learn this technique or buy the tools needed.

The above information is meant to educate the reader on how real this risk may be and is not meant to minimize what is a very real, however seldom realized, risk.

How can this risk be combated?

We offer a two-phase approach to combating this phenomenon to make your property as secure as possible. The first level involves modification of existing hardware. The second level involves the use of cylinders with restricted keyways. Choice City Locksmith has a plan for all budgets and levels of security.

Are these solutions expensive?

They are more costly than the run of mill big box store $9.95 special, however keep in mind that you usually only need to take special measure on exterior doors, and if you add up the value of your possessions, having and using these systems is cheap insurance indeed.

For more information about correctly securing your home or business against lock bumping and other security threats, contact us for a consultation, as professional locksmiths and security technicians we are your best line of defense.