Keep your family safe

ALWAYS have a professional Locksmith come out to your new home and rekey your locks when moving into a new residence.

Having your locks rekeyed by a professional Locksmith gives you assurance and peace of mind that no previous occupant can enter your home. Some people think that they are safe because the real estate agent or previous occupant gave them a couple of sets of keys. These people do not consider that the previous family may have had a son or daughter who may have had a girfriend or boyfriend who was given a key, a baby sitter, a nanny, a handyman, caregiver. The list goes on and on. There are many good people in this world…there are also many not so good people… do you know which ones have a key to get in your house anytime they want to? Don't become a victim or statistic, change your locks!

Our professional Locksmiths will come to your home usually the same day that you call. Once onsite, the Locksmith can inspect all of your doors and windows, to make sure that each opening into your home can be properly secured. The Locksmith will advise you of any potential security problems that you might not otherwise be aware of. Our Locksmiths can usually make all of your locks work with one key, and replace worn out locks. The Locksmith can install a secure deadbolt lock on each of your doors making it difficult for a would be intruder to gain entry.

If you have people that regularly come into your home such as maids, cleaning people, caregivers, etc... our Locksmiths can also do special master keying on your locks where you have one key that will open all of your locks (a "Master Key"), and another key can be provided that will only operate one or more locks. This is beneficial to some home owners, because you can control which doors or locks that these outside people can enter through and when. This also can save you money, because in the event that you wish to stop allowing one or more of these people into your home that have keys, for whatever reason, normally you would have to rekey every lock in your home, to be sure that they can't get in anymore... However when your locks are master keyed you will only need to rekey the lock or locks that their key was designed to operate, your master key is not affected at all.