Is your deadbolt really doing its job?

All too often we see deadbolts that are not installed properly, work tightly, do not extend as far as they should, and have many other issues that make them hard to use. Many people will not use their deadbolt if they are afraid that it will not unlock once locked, or see it as a hassle to struggle with a key to lock or unlock it.

A deadbolt, or any lock should work easily with the key that goes to it. Locks need serviced from time to time like any other mechanical device. Having a professional locksmith service your locks can save you alot of trouble and expense in the long run. Let's look at some common deadbolt questions and discuss remedies to the problems.

My deadbolt is hard to lock and unlock

This is a common complaint heard by locksmiths. Many other things need to be known before trying to resolve the problem. Is the key hard to turn? Is the thumbturn hard to turn? Does it work okay with the door open? It could be a key or lock cylinder problem, a hardware problem, or maybe just the door is sagging and makes the bolt hard to enter the strike plate on the frame. We can take care of any of these issues for you.

Is my deadbolt enough protection?

A properly installed deadbolt with long screws holding the strikeplate to the frame has long been the standard for stopping door forceing methods and is still very good protection. For areas where door attacks are much harder: repeated kicks or smashing attacks. We recommend door reinforcement with door jamb armor. Once installed, your door becomes virtually impossible to kick open.